AEC: Construction Document Services

Draftech is Sonoma County’s reprographic leader! We have over 30 years of experience working with the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry. Using the latest technology and equipment, Draftech can meet your most demanding deadline with jobs of any size. We are the experts in all things reprographic!

Construction Document Printing

We provide high speed, high quality plain paper reproductions. Full size, half size and tinted papers available.

Construction Document Management

Draftech has years of experience compiling large projects.

Just provide us with a consultant list, index of drawings, and table of contents. Then have your team send the files, and or hard copies to Draftech. We will put the pieces together, verify that all documents come in , and are in the proper sequence. We can then archive all documents here for your printing needs.

Document Distribution (BID) Services

Draftech offers a full range of bid services from the simplest to the most complex. We will customize our services to meet your needs.

Conformed Sets

Draftech can help track revisions as your project moves forward. We will conform your initial set with each revision throughout your construction project.


With our Planroom system, all of your documents can be posted online for immediate viewing to a large number of people.

Project FTP Sites

For information distribution to a specific group of people we can set up a project exclusive FTP site for your team to access.

We offer free parking while at our shop without the hassle of downtown traffic and parking!

Digital Printing & Copying

Black and white, color copies, and digital prints. Large and small format. Confidential legal duplication with OCR and Bates Stamping software

Photo & Artist Services

Photo enlargement & reproduction, prints on gloss, satin, matte or canvas. Fine art photography and giclee printing

AEC (Construction Document) Services

Large format digital copies. Document management and archiving, bid sets, construction sets, conformed sets, specification books

Technology & Design Services

Email and fax service, digital plotting service, reduce and enlarge to scale, Computer, graphic design services and photo correction

Signs, Banners & Posters

Vinyl banners for indoor & outdoor use, A-Frame signs, lawn staked signs, MDF outdoor signs, color posters, vinyl decals and stickers


Mounting, edge trimming, laminating, binding, stapling, folding, stamping, labeling, custom tabs, presentations, paper pads & more

Scanning & Archiving

Large and small format scanning to PDF, TIF, JPG, etc. File conversion, email, burn CD post to flash drive or archive on our servers

Shipping & Delivery

Local pick-up & delivery Healdsburg to Petaluma, Courier service and USPS, FedEx and Golden State overnight shipping services